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Process serving is the act of delivering notifications, summons and other relevant paperwork to those who are involved in a court matter. Process servers deliver or “serve” these legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case.

After serving any legal documents, process servers have to deliver actual evidence that the legal papers were served. This evidence, or proof of service, must be given to the individual or company who required the papers to be served.

If papers aren’t served properly, the court is not able to rule on a case relating to an individual if they were not legally made aware of it. If service is determined to be improper, the entire case may be thrown out. Serves R Us is dedicated to serving your documents in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Click here to confirm the Agent for Service for a Corporation or an LLC you are serving, this is required information by the CA Secretary of State as a condition of formation. Finding the Agent for Service of Process will eliminate costly attempts at serving the wrong address.

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